Santa, Baby

This year’s been more financially challenging than usual. The decision to quit my job without another one lined up and make the move to Seattle meant living on my savings for a while and starting my life over from scratch. There were security deposits to pay, furniture pieces to buy, and the general expenses of a life reboot to contend with. Continue reading

I Can’t Stop Watching: Team #FoxingAwesome

I used to watch Dancing with the Stars (DWTS) more regularly but these days, I’m short on time and well, some of the performances in the early part of each season were downright painful to watch. I only got on board this season because I also used to watch Glee (please don’t judge me), and I was incredibly excited to see Amber Riley perform on DWTS. Continue reading

Yeah, So I Started Blogging Again…


Not that anyone out there cares, since I’m pretty sure I’m the only person whose eyes have ever alighted upon the pages of this blog, but yeah, I’ve begun blogging again. After climbing out of the shame spiral I fell into when I realized my last post was in June of 2010 (in my defense, I’d started blogging regularly elsewhere), I decided it was okay for me just dust off my old blog and pick up where I left off…sorta. Continue reading

Honey, I’ve Died and Gone to KnitPicks

As part of my re-jiggering my ilfe here in the Pacific Northwest, I decided to quit my infamous hobby-hopping and focus on mastering one new hobby a year. This year, my hobby of choice is knitting which is going to come in really hand since although Seattle winters aren’t particularly cold, the dampness gets down into the bones. I think that calls for some sweater-knittin’. Or sweater-shoppin’ but where’s the fun in that?

Since starting this focused approach a couple of months ago, I’ve knit a scarf and I’m finishing up my first pair of socks. While searching for my next project online, I came across KnitPicks.

Great-looking website. Large selection of yarns. More affordable options with a wide selection of colorways. Patterns and books. Notions and accessories. And a clearance section. *grin*

I’m almost certain I’d visited the website before since it seems vaguely familiar, but my sieve-for-brains never seems to remember this info when I need it. Like when I spent almost 20 bucks for two skeins of fingering weight yarn a month ago for the aforementioned socks. Apparently, I could have gotten a similar yarn for half the price and in colors I liked better at KnitPicks.

KnitPicks. KnitPicks KnitPicks KnitPicks. KnitPicks.

I definitely won’t forget it now. Riiiiight.

A few more of my other favorite places online where I window shop for yarn and will likely have to start actually shopping if I’m going to keep knitting through the winter and into the spring and summer:

Whenever possible, I also like to patronize some of our local yarn shops here in the Seattle area, like Seattle Yarn in West Seattle, So Much Yarn downtown near Pike Place and Churchmouse Yarns and Teas¬†Bainbridge Island. So many choices, so little time. I’m a lucky girl.